1. embroidery upon canvas, usually with uniform spacing of stitches in a pattern.

For me, when I hear the word “needlepoint” I think of my German grandmother- Oma. I think of a trend from an older generation: women sitting on couches furiously molding their fingers into scrunched positions in order to accommodate the stiff yarn and giant needle. Never did I think needlepoint would be preppy, wearable, and fabulous.

When my boyfriend introduced me to Tucker Blair I was most struck by their motto: Classically Casual. What better term to describe not only a brand but a lifestyle! Laid back, confident, and comfortable. Think I’m reading too far into things? Let me break it down for you.

“Classic” is a term in fashion that conveys effortlessness and natural style. It is the quintessential ease of feeling and looking timeless. “Casual” is a feeling of comfort not only in your clothes but also with yourself whether at a work party or on a beach vacation. It is the relaxed and uncomplicated look that you portray inside and out. Classically Casual is Tucker Blair.

The needlepoint designs that Tucker Blair uses allow his customers to showcase their unique style while looking classically causal. His patterns remind me of American goodness; they have a patriotic spirit whether they depict ‘bow ties and champagne’ or the ‘Big Easy’ the designs have a wholesome pride that- to me- represents joy of being cool.

Tucker Blair belts and flip flops are natural and versatile. Taylor Llewellyn isn’t just selling needlepoint; he’s selling a way of life.

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Guest Blog – Amber


Hey Y’all,

So you know when you find a brand that you semi become obsessed with… well for me, you probably can guess its more than one brand that I’m obsessed with… but one of my absolute favorites is Tucker Blair… we have something of a romance going on, well, my credit card and Tucker Blair have a romance going on…

It started sophmore year… I spotted a girl at my favorite bar across from campus wearing this adorable striped *ahem* orange and blue headband that matched perfectly with her JCREW pique polo dress… yes, I judge outfits like that… and I knew I had to have it… so I walked my coozie carrying self over and asked her where she got it… Tucker Blair… well, thank goodness for internet ready cell phones because I stalked immediately, and ordered right when I got home…

It doesn’t stop there, no, the saga continues… their belts, flip flops, key fobs, oh my!

Well, law school admitted students weekend comes around almost three years later– I’ve bought a new headband for my new school’s colors (because yes, Tucker Blair has headbands and belts for every college girl’s game outfit). So I’m nervous, my law school assigned me a buddy, well, she bailed on me… win… well then I see this really, well, extremely good looking New Englander across the way sitting at a table… wearing a Tucker Blair belt (Fox in the Henhouse to be exact), and I knew he was my sort of people! It was a great ice breaker, struck up a conversation and he was so excited I was a Tucker Blair groupie too!

Well, the love affair continues! I know that I’ll forever be a Tucker Blair girl! Essentially classic, always chic, and always American made. Next item on my list: a new key fob for the shiny new keys to my townhouse, and some croakies for my new sunglasses! Can’t beat it!

Cape Cod Magazine


March 8, 2010

The Preppy Lifestyle brand, TUCKER BLAIR, is proud to announce its partnership with the timeless SPERRY TOP-SIDER, in their new fleet of retail locations across the United States.
February 22nd marked the opening of the first Sperry Top-Sider retail location selling Tucker Blair’s unparalleled products. Stores will soon open in Boca Raton, Orlando, and then all across the United States! These aren’t your typical brick and mortar stores though! Tucker Blair’s value will, as always, be delivered to the customer, and products will retail for the same amount seen on TUCKERBLAIR.COM.
In Sperry’s search for brands that would compliment their products, they decided Tucker Blair needlepoint belts would be a great match. Both Sperry Top-Sider and Tucker Blair are committed to delivering the HIGHEST quality products to their customers, as well as staying true to their roots in the nautical lifestyle.
Tucker Blair’s new partnership with Sperry Top-Sider certainly serves as a testament to how RAPIDLY Team Tucker Blair has risen in the ranks of the mainstream and preppy fashion community, and the future of the company certainly looks bright!
For more information on Tucker Blair please contacts:
Zachary Weiss
Director of Public Relations

Kids Belts!

Needlepoint belts are one of those interesting accessories that really tell a story if you take a moment to notice them.  In the past needlepoint belts were almost always made by someone’s mom, girlfriend, or wife.  In college I saw one for the first time when a pledge in my fraternity had a belt with various bottles of beer on it made by his mom.  Since college I suppose I am most intrigued by the needlepoint belts I see that I don’t know the story behind.  Several years ago I remember seeing the man in front of me with his boat shoes with no socks, crumpled khakis, polo and great needlepoint belt with a mermaid- complete with some type of gold thread sewn into the scales of the bottom half.  I also remember meeting a couple at the Elephant and Castle in Boston and I struck up a conversation with the Husband about both his needlepoint belt (with bikes on it) as well as his love of cycling (something we shared a passion for).
            Obviously over the last few years we have seen a real explosion in the popularity of the motif style belts long favored by east coast preppys and so called “Trads” as they are called in the blogosphere, but I still think to those of us who love these belts they will always be a beloved fashion element because of that story they tell.  It may be a school you went to, the dog you love, or even your sense of humor.  To me the needlepoint belt is really just the motif belt on a grander scale.  Once needlepoints almost had to be custom made, but now there is the option to purchase one.  Maybe that’s not as romantic as the old fashion way, but at least in my case- the GF would rather just shell out the cash.
If you know me or read my blog then you will know I was even interested in starting my own needlepoint belt company for a while so I pay close attention to the purveyors in this niche market.  Also I have a great deal of respect for Taylor Llewellyn, another young guy with an interest in clothing who has managed to start up Tucker Blair.  I have to say that after scouring the market- Tucker Blair is probably the best value you are going to get out there if you are interested in buying a needlepoint belt.  It’s true that these belts are a significant amount of money, but consider both the fact that 1. there is a great deal of handwork that goes into their production and 2. Tucker Blair is almost half the price of some of the competition out there on the ready to wear needlepoint belt market.
Finally, I am really excited to see that Tucker Blair is thriving and coming out with some cool new products such as the “Duck” polo shirt and I also respect that he is offering his stuff at reasonable prices.  We have seen too many shops in this business go with the approach of slapping a trademark on a polo, marketing it for $100, and expecting people to buy.  Taylor seems to get that value and also ingenuity go a long way. 

Josh Premuda Guest Post

Before I get started I’d just like to thank Taylor for the invitation to guest blog. I’m not really sure what to say, so I figure I’ll just let my fingers go and see where I end up, just like I do daily at my personal site, www.joshpremuda.com .

I had ambitions of writing up a “belts and booze” post similar to The Trad and his Friday weekly. I mean, Tucker Blair is kind of perfect for that, no? That ended up sounding like more fun than it was. I realized I don’t have stories as interesting as The Trad. So, here’s my belt and booze: the Golf Scene with a Southern Comfort Barn Burner to take the nip out of the winter air.

Now, Tucker Blair. While I like the products, I think the more interesting thing for me has been watching the product line grow from afar. I’ve known about Tucker Blair for well over a year and through that time I’ve kept an eye on the progress of the company. And, I’ve been impressed. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook and this blog, Tucker Blair has grown quite a following. The part that has impressed me the most is the growth of the product lines. What started out as needlepoint belts has progressed to keyfobs, flip-flops and now polo shirts. All of this has (from my viewing area) been very controlled and well thought out. And, I believe this is evidenced through a phenomenal write-up from New York Magazine and Acquire Magazine.

Job well done, sir. Now, if you’ll allow me a quick moment to share a Tucker Blair-ish related story…

I’ve spent my Christmas vacation in San Francisco working with On the Fly. The other morning as I was thinking about this post – I’m a few days late submitting it (sorry!) – Brett from Forgetful Gentleman walked in. As we got to speaking, it dawned on me that just the other day I saw a reference to their paper offerings on the Tucker Blair Twitter stream. Brett had a few of their things with him and from my quick preview, I think they are on to something. Great idea guys. If I can use this post to recommend something from them, I suggest the Little Blue Book.

With all that, I’m not sure I did what I was supposed to as a guest blogger, but I tried. If you’re a fan of the Tucker Blair logo, might I suggest that you get a look at this Mallard Poster. I suggest we chip in to buy it for Taylor. He’s worked pretty hard this year, and I am expecting more in 2010.